Amico caccia spinone

In 2011, this little man joined the family.  Also a product of the Amico Peloso kennel, he was supposed to be my wife's dog, as Quentin and Jazz were my friends, I guess because I took them hunting!!


Well, he is still my wife's dog, but after that first hunting season he knows the fun stuff is with me.  I have to thank him that my wife finally decided to go hunting with me after all these years.



In 2009, work made us move to Colorado.   Early 2010  we found a breeder of Spinone Italiano's living just down the street from us and a friendship was formed.  She had a litter of pups about 2 weeks old and when I raised this little girl up, she wrapped her paws around my arm, never to let me go again.  Needless to say, she came home with us when she was 9 weeks old.  Her name is Amico Peloso BrandingmyBernadeli, nicknamed: Jazz.   She will be turning three this coming May.




In 2007, after my GSP passed away, the search was on for a new hunting dog.  Preferable one that would not hunt in a different zip code, would be great in the house, could "turn it on" when needed and would have the stamina and patience to hunt dove and quail in Southern Arizona.


By sheer accident we ran into a breeder in the Northern Arizona area who had a littler and had some pups left.  After a long drive over Thanksgiving Day Weekend, we brought our first Spinone home.  We named him Quentin.  


Over the winter and summer of 2008, Quentin and I spend training and season 2008/2009 we spend plenty of time in the field, hunting those quail and doves.  If you have ever gone dove hunting in Southern Arizona, you know there are plenty of them.  Quentin learned fast to scan the skies as we would be sitting on a hot afternoon on the side of  a milo field shooting our limit.